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About C-Load

C-Load is a smart cloud service that simplifies transport buyers’ procurements and bookings for rail, road, and ocean freight, making it easier for transport companies to get assignments.

With C-Load, all involved in the procurement/order process have a common location for sharing transport information. Transport orders are sent out in order, based on the ranking lists created during the most recent procurement. The quality metrics for recently completed transport orders are then fully available for both parties and provide a basis for future improvement measures.

Smart, simple and profitable for everyone!

For more information about C-Load please contact Triona.

Lars Lindgren, +46 70 390 34 40, lars.lindgren@triona.se

If you are a user and need to contact our support:

C-Load Support, +46 10 551 84 00, c-load@support.triona.se